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Users, platforms, traction

Digital content is booming in emerging markets.

Millions of people are streaming data on their phones, tablets and laptops. And not just international platforms. Demand is rapidly increasing for local platforms speaking to domestic users.

But few digital and TMT companies in these locations have access to the funds required to enable the technology effectiveness and the capability to deliver return on investment. Without all these resources, something may go wrong.

Example: the future of video content

Data, no drama

Too many decisions in independent productions are led by intuition, impacting creativity and costs.

Poorly made video content doesn’t make money because nobody wants to watch it. Good content can’t make money if they’re poorly produced or distributed. Cost-efficient, high-quality films targeted to match local audience preferences will return with value. But who can make predict the viability of such an asset?

Who We Are

Innovative, data-driven advisors with the expertise, knowledge and network necessary to successfully navigate TMT investment opportunities in EMEA for global markets


  • Strategic advisory
  • Corporate finance advisory and M&A
  • Capital formation


TwoAtoms works with a network of local and international advisors working in entertainment, telecommunication, technology, and law practice, plus a wider community of subject matter experts in fintech, gaming, and media industries.


A unique combination of expertise and approach enables TwoAtoms to identify and create sustainable value in TMT enterprises and optimize transaction’s value, process and closing.


Facilitating capital to create scalable enterprises globally.


Value creation for your current & future assets in TMT

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